Simple strategies to help make the game of Blackjack interesting and enjoyable.

One thing that can be suggested is that under no circumstances should a player take the options of Insurance. This options takes a mathematically proven strategy that will make the player aware of the fact that insurance is only worthwhile in rare situations. Mathematicians have devised a strategy table that is more than the average person could come up with in their search for ways to beat the game. This strategy has been summarised that each player hand and dealer up card has a mathematical play. It has recently been determined that even this basic strategy table needs some modifications because of the combinations of set rules that are in force. Even if the basic strategy was common knowledge, the player would still be at a disadvantage because the cards are not always going to fall in the players favor. Card Counting is a strategy that could give a player an advantage over the dealer. The counting allows the player a mathematical opportunity to gain the advantage, but it does not guarantee a win. The basic understanding of Card Counting is that low cards generally benefit the dealer, and high cards benefit the player. this is according to mathematical speculation. The premise behind this belief is, if a player receives a ten and an ace, two high cards, they get one and a half times their bet. If the dealer gets the same hand, they only get the player’s bet.

Card Counters would know when the majority of the high cards are left to be played in a regular deck. The system of counting cards can be a very complicated one. the counter must always be alert to the numerals that are dealt. This can add to the enjoyment that could be had at the Blackjack table. Another factor in the game of Blackjack is that most casinos will allow the player to Surrender. This means that a player can give up their hand and retrieve half of their bet. This has to be the player’s only action on a particular hand. The dealer must continue dealing cards until he reaches at least seventeen. He can then stand. Players can stand at sixteen unless the dealer’s hand totals more without a Blackjack, or twenty one. If the dealer busts, all players are automatic winners. The rules pertaining to a Hard seventeen, or a Soft numeral will be printed on the felt surface of the table. The rule will vary from casino to casino. The payout at the Blackjack tables is usually a one to one ratio. If the player bets ten dollars, and Double down with another ten dollars, his winnings would be forty dollars. That is the twenty dollars that he bet, and the twenty dollars that he won. If the player should get a Blackjack, he will be paid on a three to one ratio. A ten dollar bet would net a twenty five dollar win.