Blackjack Information

Some of the available options used in Blackjack

The game of Blackjack has a few specific requirements that include the table, chips, the discard tray, a shoe amd cut card. This is the basic equipment at every casino for the game. Before the game begins, the dealer will choose a player, randomly, to take the cut card. This is a plastic card that the player will use to place somewhere in the stack of cards. The dealer then takes the card above the cut card and put it on the backside of the deck of cards. This technique is usually to show the players that the dealer can not, in any way, rigg the cards. The cut card is placed in a pre-determined position, and when this card is reached during the game, it is an indicator that the final hand is about to be dealt. After the cards are shuffled, they are placed in a dispenser called the shoe. If a natural Blackjack hand is dealt to more than one player, and the dealer also has a Blackjack, then no one wins. this is called a push, or a tie. The bet is returned to each player for the next hand. There are card shaped rectangles on the tables to hold the chips, and defined area above the chips for each player’s cards. The dealer starts the deal clockwise, although the protocol for the dealer may vary from casino to casino, and is usually determined by the casino.

If the dealer ‘s first card is an ace, the players are given the option of making an insurance bet. This is an additional bet that is equal to half of the player’s original bet. An insurance bet ensures the player a win if the dealer has Blackjack. If the dealer does not have Blackjack, the insurance bet is lost. Players can also choose to Double Down if they think they have a good hand. They would place another bet, equal to their first bet, but place it beside their first bet. After a player Chooses to Double Down, they can only receive one more card from the dealer. This card is dealt face up, and this forces the player to stand no mattter what the total may be. When a player is dealt the first two cards of the same value, they have the option to choose to play a Split. In this instance, the player can make an additional bet equal to the first, and split the cards into two separate hands. This can happen up to four times, depending on the rules of the casino. Each hand is played one hand at a time, and in the order that the cards were dealt. With the Splits, the player still have the option to Hit, Stand, or Double Down. A player who receives two aces and wants to split will only be allowed to do the two hands. If a ten is received, it is an ordinary 21, not Blackjack.